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Originating in 1858, early memories of Old Judge Coffee include images of steamboats traveling to and from St. Louis along the Mississippi River, coffee priced at 4 to 6 cents a pound, and grocers on horse-drawn wagons. Back then, St. Louis was still a border town, one of the last points of civilization before travelers would depart for the untamed West.

A St. Louis Coffee Brand

Coffee was always the principal product of the company, and it was one of the first in the world to sell coffee in vacuum-packed cans to guarantee freshness.

In the 1850s, the former owner, David G. Evans, received samples from loads of coffee arriving on the docks. He purchased those he favored and blended them to create the unique flavor behind Old Judge. Today, Old Judge Coffee may not be delivered by barges on the Mississippi, but it still carries that singular vision for taste.

As we relaunch the Old Judge Coffee brand, we can look back on the history of the name and know we’re joining a legacy that touches the origins of the Midwest and the United States. Old Judge has always stood for the early riser and the hard worker.

Order your sample of Old Judge Coffee today and become a part of history.

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